Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A

Grant Applications


Each grant request must be made on a grant application form approved by the Commission. (The application form is available from the Commission on the ANC 5A website, e-mail, or in person from individual Commissioners.) An applicant must be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
or an established entity in the community such as a civic organization, church or associations. ANC 5A will accept and consider only those grant applications that fall within the ANC’s funded grant making priorities for the year in which the application is received (as explained below).

Funding Limit.

Grants shall be limited to $2,500.00 per applicant per fiscal year.

Budget Period.

Funds available for a grant are those funds that have been budgeted by ANC 5A for grants in the period in which the grant is being voted on by the Commission. Budgets will be based on annual cycles. No grant applications will be accepted, nor will any grants be awarded, during the first three months and the final three months of an ANC term.

Consideration of Grants.

All 5A grant applicants must be approved at a SMD meeting. Upon approval the Commissioner will present the grant application at the next regularly scheduled business meeting of 5A for approval.

Itemizing Expenditures.

Applicants must submit an itemized budget, project specific, along with their grant application, explain what the money from an ANC 5A grant would be spent for, and indicate whether there is a demonstrated need for a grant from ANC 5A. If the Commission approves less than the total applied for in the application, it may restrict funds approved for specific items listed in the application or for specific categories of expenditures. ANC 5A grants may not be used by the applicant for paying overdue bills, administrative costs, or organizational operating expenses; ANC 5A grants are not intended as emergency funds.

Criteria for Evaluating Grants.

All applicants are encouraged to submit proposals, and ANC 5A hopes to encourage a wide range of applications. In deciding whether to approve a grant, the Commission may consider, by way of example and not limitation, the following criteria:

a. Whether the grant funds would be used primarily to aid residents or organizations in the
geographic area of ANC 5A;

b. Whether funding is available to the applicant from other sources.

c. Whether the applicant has sought funding from private sources.

d. Whether the persons served by the grant have limited income or opportunity to obtain the services or goods provided for in the grant as individuals.

e. The number of persons and the diversity of groups to be served by the grant.

f. Whether the grant will serve the population as a whole or a limited number of persons.

g. Whether the grant funds will be used to purchase items that will have a greater
frequency of use or longevity of use or both.

h. Whether the applicant will use 5A and District of Columbia vendors and services to implement the purpose of the grant, unless those resources are unavailable in the neighborhood or District of Columbia.

i. Whether or not the grant funds will be used to purchase green products and services.

j. Whether the grant will serve to better human well-being.

Prohibited Grants.

Grant funds are not available under any circumstances:

a. to “for profit” organizations.

b. to individuals.

c. for projects that do not directly affect the ANC 5A community, except that such funds are available to support a broader based organization that also works in the ANC 5A community and directly benefits its constituency area.

d. to provide existing services already provided by government or other agencies in the community.

e. for food, beverages or entertainment (including block parties or festivals).

f. for partisan political activities.


Grant recipients MUST PROVIDE A REPORT to the Commission on the status and use of grant funds every 60 days following disbursement until a final report is filed. Any grant funds awarded to a recipient that are not expended within six months of receipt must be returned to the Commission, unless the Commission votes otherwise. Any funds expended for purposes not authorized by the Commission must be reimbursed to the Commission. If the Commission votes to extend the period in which funds not expended within six months may still be expended by the recipient, the recipient shall provide a final report of its expenditures within every 60 days after the date of such extension(s) of time or return such funds. ANY RECIPIENT THAT FAILS TO PROVIDE A REPORT WITHIN THE TIMEFRAME SPECIFIED BY THE COMMISSION SHALL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR FUTURE GRANTS. Grant recipients must also make full program documentation and financial disclosures available to ANC 5A and the public.

Waiving the Grant Policy.

Under no circumstances may the provisions of section 7 ever be waived. The ANC 5A may waive other provisions of this grant policy. This must be done on a grant-by-grant basis. Waivers may only be given at a regularly scheduled business meeting of the ANC. A waiver requires a 2/3 vote of the Commissioners present. This vote must be a separate vote before the actual vote to approve the grant. The vote to approve the grant will only require a majority vote of the Commissioners present.

Nullification of a Grant.

A grant that is inconsistent with any statute or regulation of the United States or the District of Columbia is null and void to the extent of its inconsistency. The Commission is not liable for any costs incurred by the grant applicant in preparing or presenting the grant, or as a result of its approval or denial. The grant applicant must remit to the Commission or the District of Columbia any funds received in violation of statutes or regulations.