Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A

Welcome to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A

ANC 5A meets at 6:45 p.m. on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

See Next Meeting for more meeting information. See Documents for important documents such as grant applications, petitions, and the ANC’s bylaws.

ANC 5A will hold administrative meetings the 2nd Wednesday of every month there is a regular meeting.  If interested in attending those meetings, please send an email requesting information to attend.  Please note: these meetings are not for public participation.  All members of the community are welcome to listen in.

ANC 5A proudly serves the communities of Brookland, Fort Lincoln, Fort Totten, Lamond-Riggs, Michigan Park,  North Michigan  Park, Queens Chapel, and Woodridge.


ANC 5A February 2024 Meeting: 02/28/2024 at 06:45 pm

ANC 5A is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 862 1046 0261
Passcode: 869469


I. Call Meeting to Order 6:45 pm
II. Quorum
III. Agenda Review/Acceptance
IV. Commission Business
A. Minutes (November 2023- Regular and Special Meeting, January 2024)
B. Treasurer Report
C. Annual Report
D. Public Safety Committee
E. Faith United Church Community Agreement Update
V. Commission Action Items/Updates
A. 243 Hawaii Ave BZA (5A07)
B. Catholic University of America- Letter of Support (5A04)
VI. Community Updates
B. Mayor’s Office
C. Councilmember Parker’s office
VII. Reports & Presentations
A. 4975 South Dakota Ave NE Gas Station E Charging Station (5A08)
B. Art Place at Fort Totten Update (5A09)
C. UDC Presentation-President Edington (5A01)
D. Boys Town Closure (5A02)
VIII. Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 27, 2024
IX. Adjourn

SMD 5A05 Meeting: 01/23/2024 at 06:45 pm

ANC 5A05 Meeting
Tuesday, January 23, 2024 at 6:45 pm

Meeting ID: 878 6961 1640
Passcode: 443393
Dial In: 301 715 8592

Individuals will be called on once acknowledged by the Chair.

132 Urell pl
– Construction Project
3. Wangari Gardens
– Requesting public trash can
4. Vacant Homes
– Updates on vacant homes on Urell pl
5. Washington Yu Ying/ Washington Latin
– Updates on construction
6. Public comments
7. Adjourn

For more information please contact

ANC 5A08 Commissioner Boston

Phone: 202-705-9604