Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A

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Meeting ID: 818 7070 9297 Passcode: 847136
Dial In: 301 715 8592

Please note: The ANC Commissioners will be admitted to the room first. Once they have joined, everyone else will be let in.

I. Call Meeting to Order 6:45 pm
II. Quorum
III. Agenda Review/Acceptance
IV. Commission Business
A. Secretary Update
1. Minutes for Approval (February 2023 and March 2023)
2. Website- Pictures and Bios
B. Parliamentarian Update
C. Treasurer Report
1. 2nd Quarter Financial Report
2. Cell Phones
3. Comcast for the ANC Office
4. Credit Card Authorization
5. Business cards
D. Commission Action Items
1. Special Resolution
2. 5A08: Convenience Store/Gas Station 4975 South Dakota Ave NE
3. 5A08: McDonald's Development
4. 5A09: Fort Totten Park Toxic Waste Issue Resolution
E. Administrative Matters
1. Public Safety
2. Social Media
3. Parks Task Force
4. Transportation
5. ANC Office
V. Community Updates
B. Mayor’s Office
C. Councilmember Parker’s office
VI. Reports & Presentations
A. Mayor's Budget presentation- Mr. Thomas
B. 5A01: UDC Campus Project- Ms. Gray
C. DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities- Mr. Russ
VII. Community Comment Period
VIII. Next Meeting: May 24, 2023
IX. Adjourn