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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus.  The meeting was called to order at 6:51 PM. The following Commissioners were present for the meeting:

                        Commissioner Frank Wilds                   5A01        Commissioner Jasmine N. White    5A06                                          Commissioner Grace Lewis                    5A02        Commissioner Sandi Washington   5A07                                         Commissioner Adrian Jordan        5A03   Commissioner Angel Alston           5A08                                       Commissioner Ronnie Edwards    5A05

Commissioners Edwards and Washington: excused absences

Motion to accept agenda by Commissioner Lewis, seconded by Commissioner White. Motion carried.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Service Area (PSA) 405, Lt. Hargrove discussed the following concerns with community

Community expressed concerns in the following areas:

DDOT, Ward 5 & 6 Program Manager, Ali Shakeri   (, 202 671-4612)

Community expressed the following concerns


DDOT, Urban Forestry Administration Arborist, Robert Corletta ( 202-671-5133

Executive Office of the Mayor, Malik Williams, Ward 5 Liaison

Community expressed the following concerns:

Commissioner Alston welcomed and introduced Gottleib Simon, Executive Director, Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to the community

Single Member District Reports

5A03 Commissioner Jordan – SMD Meeting 3rd Wednesday of the month at Providence – discussion of Faith United Church of Christ potential development proposal – information session; Commissioner Jordan introduced Florence Webb and Reverend Hagler who will be working on the project.  Commissioner Jordan discussed his proposed “Puerto Rico Ave Noise and Vibration Barrier Wall Support Resolution of 2015” proposal

Community Concern – next steps with potential development projects – nothing to do because no proposal has been submitted

Motion to pass “Puerto Rico Ave Noise and Vibration Barrier Wall Support Resolution of 2015” by Commissioner Jordan seconded by Commissioner Wilds.  Motion passes unanimously.  Commissioner White requested signed copy for file. Commissioner Jordan will submit and begin circulating a community petition.

5A08 Commissioner Alston - Metro development moving forward; Area of concern is Lamond Riggs Task Force community benefits – conversation needs to happen through ANC 5A; developer has not yet been to ANC to present to community. 

Proposed Comstock Development on 6th St.; Emerson St. homeowners association requested meeting with Councilmember McDuffie’s office – Alston attended meeting to hear residents concerns about impact and community benefits. Alston will set up series of community meetings; 


Commissioner Alston discussed grant application submitted by resident in SMD5A08

Community requested ANC 5A post resolutions to websites

5A06 Commissioner White – Theft from autos increasing around Yu Ying PCS (Taylor & Harewood) during pick up hours; Requesting additional patrol in in the area during peak times

5A02 Commissioner Lewis – Scheduling SMD meeting around 3rd week of June regarding potential Faith Church development project

North Michigan Park Annual Community Day – food, entertainment, etc., June 20, 2015 at North Michigan Park Recreation Center, 1333 Emerson St, NE

Community Concerns & Announcements

Residents thanked Commissioner Jordan and expressed appreciation for commitment and diligence on working to have vibration wall installed

Residents of North Michigan Park expressed opposition to potential Faith United Church of Christ development project

Motion to approve April 2015 minutes by Commissioner Lewis, seconded by Commissioner Wilds. Motion carries.

Commissioner Alston presented grant application for discussion

Motion by Commissioner Lewis to approve grant, seconded by Commissioner White; Commissioner Alston abstained. Motion passed.  Recipient will have 60 days to turn in receipts.

ANC 5A needs to be update bylaws with “updated date” on website

Reverend Hagler announced Faith United Church of Christ development project website for community to stay connected to project:

Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm

ANC 5A Commissioners (2015-2016)

5A01 Frank Wilds                                                                                       5A02 Grace J. Lewis, Parliamentarian

5A03 Adrian T. Jordan                                                                              5A04 Vacant

5A05 Ronnie Edwards, Chairperson                                                      5A06 Jasmine White, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

 5A07 Sandi Washington, Treasurer                                                      5A08 Angel Alston, Vice Chairperson

*Catholic University *Ft. Totten * Lamond-Riggs * North Michigan Park *Park Place-Trinity Square *Pleasant Hills * Brookland