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May 22, 2013


The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on May 22, 2013.  The meeting was held at the North Michigan Park Recreation Center.  The meeting started at 7:00 PM.  The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Edwards.  A quorum was established by roll call.  The following Commissioners were present: 


Commissioner Frank Wilds,              5A01                           Commissioner Ronnie Edwards             5A05

Commissioner Grace J. Lewis           5A02                           Commissioner Jasmine White            5A06

Commissioner Adrian Jordan            5A03                           Commissioner Sandi Washington    5A07



Installation of Commissioner 5A02: Commissioner Jordan read the letter from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics dated March 14, 2013 certifying that Grace J. Lewis had met the requirements to fill the vacancy ANC 5A02.  Commissioner Lewis confirmed that she had previously been sworn in by Councilmember McDuffie.  Commissioner Lewis was welcomed as the new Commissioner.


There were six (6) Commissioners present. A quorum was established.  The Commissioner voted unanimously to adopt the Agenda with the addition of Juan Thompson, a representative from the Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism.  The Commission voted unanimously to approve the Minutes of the February 27, 2013 Meeting subject to correction of the Recording Secretary name, Adrian Jordan.


ANC BUSINESS/FINANCIAL UPDATE –Commissioner Wilds confirmed the opening of a bank account at PNC Bank and corrected the PO Box (number identified above) located at the 12th & Monroe Post Office.  He also reported on receipt of a letter from the Auditor’s office dated January 15, 2013 to the Associate Chief Financial Officer, Office of Finance and Resource Management indicating that the Auditor has no objections to the release of $7,217.39 related to ANC 5A’s 1st quarter FY 2013 allotment.  He made a motion that approximately $500.00 be allocated for the purchase of business cards and name plates for new Commissioners.  Business cards were estimated at $315.00 and name plates approximately $37.50 to be purchased from ARC located on 10th Street NE.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Commissioner Wilds then presented a proposed 2013 budget including annual income of $30,602.26 and projected expenditures of $27,710 which included a footnote: incomplete for expenses.  Major projected expenditures included office rent ($13,000), cellular telephones ($2100), office supplies and services ($3680), and grants ($5000).  A motion was made by Commissioner Washington seconded by Commissioner Lewis to accept the proposed budget.  The Commission voted 5 – 0 – 1 to accept the proposed budget.  Commissioner Jordan abstained. 


Cell Phone Update:  Commissioner Alston reported on an unpaid December telephone bill from old 5A which was referred to Gottlieb Simon and will be the responsibility of the new 5B.  She also reported on research/comparisons resulting in the possible purchase of seven (7) AT&T cell phones, $49.99/month with unlimited shared access and unlimited calls. Once the final decision has been made to purchase cell phones the Commission will adopt the Cell Phone Policy established by the DC Auditor.  The Commission agreed unanimously with the continued research.   


Resolution Requesting Office Space for 5A:  Chairman Edwards presented a Resolution requesting that in accordance with §1-309.13(q) of the DC Code, the Mayor provide the Commission with suitable office space in a District-owned or leased building located within the Commission’s boundaries; or if space cannot be provided funds up to $600/month be reprogrammed to cover rental.  The Commission voted unanimously to approve the Resolution.


Website Updates:  Chairman Edwards reported on a complaint letter forwarded to Simon Gottlieb’s office regarding update of the ANC website.  He encouraged residents to feel free to address their concerns to the ANC, because as Commissioners we are only accountable to the electorate.  A commitment was made to continue working with Simon Gottlieb’s office, Commissioner Preston and Ms. Deborah Grimstead to update the Commission’s website. Ms. Elaine Alston suggested that the Commission consider seeking assistance from the students involved in the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  


Vacancy Updates – ANC 5A04 & 5A06:  Chairman Edwards reported that the two (2) candidates- Derrick Holloway and Jasmine White had circulated and submitted petitions to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics to fill the vacancy in 5A06.  The petition challenge period would commence on March 28, 2013 and end on April 3, 2013.  Assuming that both candidates would qualify it would be necessary for the ANC to conduct a special election.  If an election was necessary, it was recommended that the election be held simultaneously with the Commission’s April 24, 2013 Commission Meeting.  Following a brief discussion, the Commission voted unanimously to authorize the Chairman, if necessary to proceed with planning the election for April 24, 2013.  A subsequent motion to allocate funding to facilitate mailing notifications of the election to 5A06 residents failed due to the lack of a second.  Alternatively, it was suggested that efforts be made to acquire the assistance of CSOSA to distribute notifications throughout the SMD.    Chairman Edwards then reported that the petition circulation period had once again ended in 5A02 and no candidates have been identified.


Police Report:  There were no police present therefore no report was provided.


Providence Hospital Renovation Update:  Ms. Amy Freeman (Administrator), Sister Mary Jean Doyle and Karal Marciano, representatives of Providence Hospital attended the meeting along with Mr. Mike Thompson and Dr. Strudwick who made the general presentation.  It was announced that groundbreaking for the 14-16 month renovation of the Emergency Department would occur in March – (14,000 sf including 38 large rooms and 43 treatment areas) providing more dignity, respect and compassion for the community.  A job fair was held on February 20, 2013.  The general contractor is Whiting Turner.  General DC construction guidelines will be followed.  Outreach has been made to Capital Area Contractors, as well as National and the DC Office of Small and Local Business.  Following questions from the floor hospital representatives emphasized their commitment to local businesses and encouraged businesses to work with the general contractor regarding potential opportunities. 


Serve DC – Mr. Juan Thompson, Mayor’s office of Volunteerism reminded residents of the upcoming National Day of Service and encouraged residents to register to volunteer and participate in projects.  He spoke of the Neighborhood Corp and opportunities within the Commission area for training and establishing programs for first aid/care, mass casualties, search and rescue and neighbor helping neighbor


Other Guests Present:  School Board Member Mark Jones and Jon Mandel, a representative of Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie was acknowledged.



Community Concerns: 


·       Ms. Stephanie Edwards – expressed concerns about speeding along the 5000 block of 8th Street NE in the area of two (2) bus stops at South Dakota and Gallatin Streets NE.  There have been several near accidents involving the elderly.  She inquired about the possibility of speed humps/traffic control measures in the area.  She was advised of the need to work with her SMD Commissioner and to develop a petition to gather resident signatures.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 PM.    







Approval Action

Presented by Adrian Jordan, Recording Secretary


Adopted by Commission subject to amendments on a vote of 6-0-0