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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus.  The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM. The following Commissioners were present for the meeting:

                        Commissioner Frank Wilds           5A01               Commissioner Jasmine N. White    5A06                                     Commissioner Grace Lewis          5A02   Commissioner Sandi Washington   5A07                                       Commissioner Adrian Jordan        5A03        Commissioner Angel Alston            5A08                                          Commissioner Ronnie Edwards    5A05  

Motion to adopt agenda by Commissioner White, seconded by Commissioner Wilds. Motion carried.


Council Member David Grosso addressed the 5A community, gave updates on:

       Education efforts - Grosso working closely with oversight; working with Chancellor to address issues surrounding public charter schools

       Disciplinary actions in schools (suspensions), addressing students mental health issues and accountability

       Nurses back in DC public schools, currently not in public charter schools

       Initiative 71

       Legislation that will seal the records of over 23,000 DC residents with non-violent marijuana convictions

       Support for school for boys of color in Wards 7 & 8

       No update on Lamond-Riggs Library will report back to the community on its future


Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Service Area (PSA) 405 - Officer Lucas, discussed the following concerns with community:

       Weather changes criminal activity; street crime increases

       By 2017, 1900 MPD officers will be eligible retirement

       Be mindful of non-emergency police calls can consume officers time

       Investigations of recent ATM theft is ongoing


Presentation by James Sebastian, DDOT Supervisory Transportation Planner

       Metropolitan Branch Trail Brookland to Takoma Park (spans a total of 7 miles)

o      Initial design complete in 2015

o      Final design complete in 2016

o      Completion in 2017

       Community expressed concern of pedestrian safety, trash and maintenance of trial


Presentation by Mr. Shawn, Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study

       DDOT initiating 6-month study seeking to improve quality of life (multimodal transportation, connectivity, accessibility, etc.)

       Study area: boundaries are Michigan Ave. NE and South Dakota Ave to the north; 18th St NE to the east; Rhode Island Ave to the south; Lincoln Road and Franklin St. to the east

       For more info:, WMATA 202-637-7000


Commissioner Alston introduced Dennis Hughes and John Dapogny from Comstock Sixth Street, LLC

       Application to Zoning Commission for P.U.D.

       Totten Mews Townhomes, 10% affordable housing


Ronan Gulstone, representative from Councilmember Kenyan McDuffies officer reported the following:

       2 arrests made on recent Met-trail robberies

       Reminder of Ward 5 Leadership Meeting on 3/30

       Mayor Bowser sending budget on Council on 4/2

       Public briefing on budget on 4/13

       Council Oversight Hearings begin on 4/15

       McDuffies moratorium on auto paint sprays

       5A Chair, Ronnie Edwards, publicly acknowledged McDuffies support of 5As concerns regarding Mamie D. Lee school issue; asked for continued support at upcoming meetings with Deputy Mayor on Education and Public Charter School Board



Motion by Commission Washington to accept February 2015 minutes and November 2014 minutes, seconded by Commissioner Lewis. Motion passes.


Motion by Commission Alston to accept ANC 5As 2015 budget and quarterly report, seconded by Commissioner Lewis. Motion passes.


Motion by Commission White to accept ANC 5As new grant procedures, seconded by Commissioner Washington. Present vote (abstention) by Commissioner Wilds. Motion passes.


Commission Altson addressed community concerns:                                            

       WMATA development update from meeting with executives in February

       Selected developers, Donatelli, currently in process of purchasing land


Discussion concerning Commissioner Jordans proposed resolution opposing Instant Runoff Voting Amendment Act of 2015.  No motion presented.


DC Fire & EMS Station Engine #14 has moved from 5A07 (North Capitol St. NE) to temporary station in 5A08 (Emerson and Gallatin NE) with no notification to affected communities;  Commissioners Washington and Alston are in communication with DC Fire & EMS Chief to address issues and invite representatives to speak to community at April meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:46 PM


ANC 5A Commissioners (2015-2016)

5A01 Frank Wilds                                                                                       5A02 Grace J. Lewis, Parliamentarian

5A03 Adrian T. Jordan                                                                              5A04 Vacant

5A05 Ronnie Edwards, Chairperson                                                      5A06 Jasmine White, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

 5A07 Sandi Washington, Treasurer                                                      5A08 Angel Alston, Vice Chairperson

*Catholic University *Ft. Totten * Lamond-Riggs * North Michigan Park *Park Place-Trinity Square *Pleasant Hills * Brookland