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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus.  The meeting was called to order at 6:48 PM. The following Commissioners were present for the meeting:

                        Commissioner Frank Wilds           5A01               Commissioner Jasmine N. White    5A06                                     Commissioner Grace Lewis          5A02   Commissioner Sandi Washington   5A07                                       Commissioner Adrian Jordan        5A03        Commissioner Angel Alston            5A08                                          Commissioner Ronnie Edwards    5A05

Commissioner Washington: excused absence

Motion to accept agenda by Commissioner Alston, seconded by Commissioner Wilds. Motion carried.


Motion to accept minutes by Commissioner Alston, seconded by Commissioner White. Motion carried.


Motion to approve Mindfinders contract effective February 20, 2014 for temporary office support services, and to White, seconded by Commissioner Wilds. Motion carried.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Service Area (PSA) Officer Lucas

       Community concern: Aventine/Ft. Totten personal property vandalism

       Crime has increased all over the city, and in the 4th District, not specifically in PSA 405

       Burglaries and petty robberies in PSA 405 have increased (especially high-end electronics)

       Commissioner Wilds abandoned car on Eastern Ave.

       Commissioner Jordan consistency with MPD leadership in PSA 405

o      By 2017, 46% of MPD will be eligible for retirement, which is cause for concern for stability within neighborhoods

       New police Lieutenant, Posey, will be assigned to PSA 405 in the near future

       ANC 5A Chair, Ronnie Edwards, discussed 5As Committee of the Whole meeting with Commander Manlapaz (6.10.15) to discuss constant leadership changes within PSA 405, and concerns of 5A Commissioners and residents. As of 6.24.15, Commander Manlapaz has not responded to 5As request for a meeting with Chief Lanier

By comment consent, ANC 5A will formally request an in-person meeting person with Chief Lanier to discuss    disregard for 5A, at least 3 Leuitenants in 2 years, safety of community, MPD operations and management               

Request will be sent to Grooms and the Mayor





Michigan & Irving St NE Mixed Use Project, Paul A. Tummonds and Associates from Goulston & Storrs                 Developers: Conference Center Associates                                                                                                 Architects:  WDG Architecture, PLLC and Mariani                                                                                            Land Use Counsel:  Goulston & Storrs

       Combined Residence Inn and Courtyard Marriott with 600 parking spaces

       Retail space

       Privately funded project new traffic signal, new public space, street improvements

       Resolution and Chronology of Support was approved in 2009 in 5C and now resides within 5A because of boundary changes

       Zoning Commission # 08-33C (complete plan can be seen on Zoning website)

       Chair discussed previously agreed upon benefits - job creation and community amenities

       Requesting a resolution in support of modification, in order Zoning Commission by the end of July 26, 2015

Motion by Commissioner Jordan to approve a resolution in support modifications of Michigan & Irving St NE project pending revisions to indicate 5A instead of 5C, seconded by Commissioner Alston. Motion passed unanimously.

Single Member District Reports

5A01 Commissioner Wilds Addressed community concerns regarding group home located 5306 Eastern Ave. NE, Commissioner Edwards informed community of DC law which protects the rights of group home residents; Ronan Gulstone has agreed to look into notice requirements; Residents on Eastern Ave. NE and Jamaica St. NE expressed dissatisfaction with notification, parking

Chair Edwards agreed to dedicate significant time during ANC 5As September meeting to address this issue. Edwards will invite government representatives, Councilmember McDuffies office. Affected community residents should compile questions and issues to present September.  If residents

825 & 827 Kennedy St. NE environment foot traffic

Jordan SMD mtg 100 signatures to send to Council, will schedule lobby day setting precedent for

Non-street legal vehicles, no chase laws in DC, bonus to phone us $250 reward tip line 202-727-9099

Or text to 50411

Lewis - Walk thru

Alston   Comstock project is going before Zoning Commission on July 30, 2015. Community benefits street closure and space rcommendation, pavillison at North Michigan Park Rec Ctr and scholarship. Emerson St. 6th St, 7th St

Motion by Alston to for 5A to submit letter to Zoning Commission to keep record open beyond July 31, 2015 to have additional conversations with community to finalize community benefits. Seconded by Commissioner White, Motion Carries unanimously.

Pop-up on 700 block of Delaware St. added level to the top of house. Due to zoning changes, homeowners no longer have to come before ANC 5A; verified zoning info with DCRA.

5A06 Community Clean-up day planned with Ward 5 liaisons

WMATA Ft Totten free movie night The Bee Movie at Dusk (before 7) long term kiss and ride. Rain date July 11th

Friday Wilds and Malik Williams walk through with Eastern Avenue and Kennedy St. 215-806-0977

Community requests for meeting minutes, agendas, proposals and resolutions

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

ANC 5A Commissioners (2015-2016)

5A01 Frank Wilds                                                                                       5A02 Grace J. Lewis, Parliamentarian

5A03 Adrian T. Jordan                                                                              5A04 Vacant

5A05 Ronnie Edwards, Chairperson                                                      5A06 Jasmine White, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

 5A07 Sandi Washington, Treasurer                                                      5A08 Angel Alston, Vice Chairperson

*Catholic University *Ft. Totten * Lamond-Riggs * North Michigan Park *Park Place-Trinity Square *Pleasant Hills * Brookland