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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus. The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Commissioner Alston at 6:53 PM. Commissionerspresence represented below:

Commissioner Frank Wilds 5A01 Commissioner Grace Lewis 5A02 Commissioner Adrian Jordan 5A03 Commissioner Isaiah Burroughs 5A04 Commissioner Ronnie Edwards 5A05 Commissioner Jasmine N. White 5A06 Commissioner Sandi Washington 5A07 Commissioner Angel Alston 5A08

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Report

Police Service Area PSA 405 – Lt. Rosenthal Contact:

Chair Edwards presides over meeting starting 7:12 PM

Motion to accept agenda pending changes by Commissioner Alston, seconded by Commissioner White. Motion carried.


ANC 5A Election of Officers facilitated by Tim Thomas; All positions are declared vacant.

Position of Chair

Nomination of Commissioner Alston by Commissioner Edwards

Nomination of Commissioner Jordan by Commissioner Wilds

Results: Alston = 5, Jordan = 3

Position of Vice Chair

Nomination of Commissioner Jordan by Commissioner Edwards

Nominations closedelected by consent

Position of Treasurer

Nomination of Commissioner Washington by Commissioner Alston

Nominations closedelected by consent

Position of Secretary

Nomination of Commissioner White by Commissioner Jordan

Nominations closedelected by consent

Position of Parliamentarian

Nomination of Commissioner Burroughs by Commissioner Lewis

Nominations closedelected by consent

Chair Alston presided over meeting beginning 7:27 PM

Financial Update

Motion by Commissioner White for ANC 5A to participate in ANCs Security Fund for $25 for calendar year 2016 seconded by Jordan. Motion carried.

Motion by Commissioner to use ANC funds not to exceed $2,000 to install upgraded plug in ANC office, with the understanding that 5A will not continue to pay for installations if we are moved again, seconded by Jordan. Motion carries.

WARD 5 COUNCIL REPORT - Ronan Gulstone

Old Business

Motion to approve October 2015 minutes by Commissioner Edwards, seconded by Jordan. Motion carried.

New Business

Motion by Commissioner Jordan to use ANC funds to purchase business cards, cell phone and name placard for Commissioner Burroughs, seconded by Commissioner Edwards. Motion carried.

Single Member District Reports

SMD 5A01 Commissioner Wilds: No Report

SMD 5A02 Commissioner Grace Lewis: No Report

SMD 5A03 Commissioner Adrian Jordansound and vibration barrier, safety measures. On Feb 2nd EYA Michigan Park Association meeting to present to community at 3700 Oak View Terrace NE; Community

SMD 5A04 Commissioner BurroughsMotion by Commission Edwards to support Brookland Edgewood Livability study, seconded by Commissioner Burroughs.

Motion by Commissioner Lewis to table Edwardsmotion, seconded by Commissioner White. Motion carried.

SMD 5A05 No Report

SMD 5A06 No Report

SMD 5A07 No Report

SMD Comstock project approved. Development will begin after permits are obtained. Alston has requested timeline

Commissioner Burroughs social media initiative

Mark Jones, Ward 5 School Board Members - Initiative for GED recipients that past test from January 2014 – now state high school diploma

Community Concerns/Announcements

CSOSATrina StewartDC Probation and parole supervised; community service clean up, pass out flyers; fill out form can request up to 15 clients; January is Re-rentry month Feb 13th Womens Symposium Temple of Praise on Southern Ave. City Wide Re-entry event at Galludet on Feb 17th

Community resident would like DDOT to address community concerns about various projects in the area. 5A will be inviting DDOT in February (AYE)

Mamie D. Lee newsletters available; Commissioner Washington publicly thanked gentlemen from Mamie D. Lee that helped remove snow in the area.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm