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Washington, DC 20017

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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with no quorum, 4 Commissioners present: Alston, Wilds, Jordan, White

Commissioner Frank Wilds 5A01

Commissioner Grace Lewis 5A02

Commissioner Adrian Jordan 5A03

Commissioner Isaiah Burroughs 5A04 arrived at 7:15 pm

Commissioner Ronnie Edwards 5A05 arrived at 7:15 pm

Commissioner Jasmine N. White 5A06

Commissioner Sandi Washington 5A07 arrived at 7:25 pm

Commissioner Angel Alston 5A08

Chair’s Report - Old King Elementary School on Riggs Road– low enrollment, will switch management – info from Public Charter School Board


DC Department of Transportation: Rodney Foxworth

Explanation of HAWK (High-Intensity Activated CrossWalk) signal study at South Dakota & Decatur St. NE

• Foot traffic at intersection is considered low volume

• Not enough vehicles from Decatur

• Bus stops – relatively low daily boardings (108 riders per day)

• Nine traffic crashed recorded during 2012-2014, one involving pedestrian


• Provide improved signing and marking for existing crosswalk (PED XING on pavement, pedestrian

warning signs, radar speed signs)

• Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB)

DDOT would like support from ANC 5A regarding proposed recommendations – ANC 5A will discuss

resolution options and other proposals for traffic studies: Ft. Totten Dr. & Riggs Road NE

Puerto Rico Ave. sound and vibration from CSX trains; concerns from community and Commission regarding $250,000 budget dedicated to mitigate damage can not be used for personal property; Commission is requesting intervention from DDOT to communicate with CSX and facilitate discussion with the council, Eleanor Holmes-Norton, ANCs, DDOT and all affected parties.

Quorum established, with 7 Commissioners present at 7:50 pm

Motion to accept agenda by Commissioner Edwards seconded by Commissioner Jordan. Motion carried.

Creative Minds International Public Charter School: Hannah Reed (relocated to Old Soldier’s Home)

• International curriculum

• Arts integration school

• Serves special needs

• Priority consideration for area residents – Commissioner Edwards will follow up)

Financial Report

Motion to approve 1st Quarter Expenditure Report by Commissioner Edwards, seconded by Commissioner

Wilds. Motion carried

Motion to accept January 2016 minutes by Commissioner White, seconded by Commissioner Edwards. Motion carried.

Financial Update

Motion by Commissioner White for ANC 5A to participate in ANC’s Security Fund for $25 for calendar year 2016 seconded by Jordan. Motion carried.

Motion by Commissioner Washington to use ANC funds not to exceed $2,000 to install upgraded plug in ANC office, with the understanding that 5A will not continue to pay for installations if we are moved again, seconded by Jordan. Motion carries.

New Business

Single Member District Reports

SMD 5A01 Commissioner Wilds: No Report

SMD 5A02 Commissioner Grace Lewis: - Not present

SMD 5A03 Commissioner Adrian Jordan – Letter of support for Potomac Prep Charter School, board revoked schools charter; EYA held a meeting on February 18th – reduced number of homes in proposal (no PUD); Commissioner Jordan has not heard any official information regarding rumor of McDonald’s moving, and land being sold

SMD 5A04 Commissioner Burroughs – No Report – no update on livability study

SMD 5A05 No Report – Asked community to recognize recently deceased former ANC Commissioner Gigi Ransom; Community is interested in having a local memorial service, Reverend Hagler involved in process. Commissioners agreed to draft a letter to be read at local service for Commissioner Ransom.

SMD 5A06 No Report

SMD 5A07 No Report – Proposed Mary Center management to come to future ANC meeting

SMD 5A08 – Comstock development in progress; Capital Food Bank and Food and Friends looking for



Mayor’s Office – Malik Willams

• MB SYEP officially launched

• Private security camera program: $500,000 allocated to for businesses and residents to install security

cameras, register with MPD and receive rebate

• Streetcar: Free for 1st year; Grand opening February 27th on 13th & H St. NE at 10 am

• 3 upcoming budget engagement forums

Ward 5 City Council Update, Ronan Gulstone

• DDOT cannot install windows, must be authorized by Council

• Performance oversight calendar is out

• Budget season approaching – send concerns

• McDuffie hosting Ward 5 mixer on February 25th

• Homeless shelter in Ward 5 – hearing on bill on March 17th; McDuffie does not support Mayor’s

proposed location

Community Concerns/Announcements

September 2015 meeting minutes not on website; Commissioner White will update.

Graffiti on external gates/area of Four Seasons convenient store on South Dakota Ave NE

Street pavement needed on 13th and Allison St. – resident requesting resolution

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Report

Police Service Area PSA 405 – Lt. Rosenthal Contact:

• Property crimes down from last year

• Robberies slightly up (4 out of 5 were women)

Community Concerns: Owner of Four Seasons, banished shotgun in business and outside of store

because kids were allegedly stealing; residents concerned about consequences

EYA held second meeting at Providence Hospital on February; residents want to block any rezoning

efforts; complained that developers were disrespectful, dishonest and inconsistent

Chair explained that no paperwork or proposals have been submitted to Commission, therefore 5A has

no official position; No PUD has been submitted.

Meeting adjourned at 9:23 pm