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The monthly meeting of ANC 5A was held on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. The meeting was held at UDC-CC Backus Campus.  The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM. The following Commissioners were present for the meeting:

                        Commissioner Frank Wilds           5A01               Commissioner Jasmine N. White    5A06                                     Commissioner Grace Lewis          5A02   Commissioner Sandi Washington   5A07                                       Commissioner Adrian Jordan        5A03        Commissioner Angel Alston            5A08                                          Commissioner Ronnie Edwards    5A05  


Agenda was accepted by consent.


Motion to accept minutes by Commissioner Alston, seconded by Commissioner White. Motion carried.


Discussion to amend minutes from January 22, 2014 due to auditor’s request for records regarding ANC 5A hiring office personnel


Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Service Area (PSA) 405 - Officer Lucas, discussed the following concerns with community

Š       Burglaries in PSA 405 (perpetrators kicking in back doors)

Š       New Lieutenant in PSA 405 - Hargrove (Office Lucas will extend invitation to come to next community meeting

Š       Incident at Michigan Recreation Center involving Howard University students

Š       Crime updates in neighborhoods (theft from cars, shootings, robberies)

ANC Chair Edwards commended Officer Lucas and recognized him for commitment to 5A

Commissioner Washington introduced Mr. Hargrove of DGS and Deputy Chief Foust from Engine #14 to address the temporary relocation and renovation of Engine 14

Š       Met with ANC in 2014 – discussed renovation; didn't have date and details

Š       DGS and Fire failed to notify community and effected commission areas of relocation

Š       Future updates will be provided to commission

Š       Extended invitation to commissioners to tour temporary structure

Š       Construction will begin on 4/27/14, and will last for 320 days; expected completion March/April 2016

Š       Discussed neighborhood noise and routes

Š       DGS notified immediate residents of fence construction

Š       Possible space for community garden, dog park or other community benefit in yard/green space

Tim Wilson, DC FEMS Public Information Officer

Š       Entrance exam registration online May 20th

Š       Spots for test are limited; 1500 spaces

Š       Must be 19 years old, have driver’s license, HS diploma or equivalency

Š       Test will be administered on Saturday June 13th 1500  $48,000


Bennett Rushkoff, Chief Public Advocacy, Office of the Attorney General

Š       Discussed evolution of Corporation Counsel to Attorney General (lawyer for DC Government)

Š       AG Karl Racine – independent legal judgment; current priorities

o      Community outreach

o      Affordable housing – using legal tools to fight for tenants rights

o      Juvenile justice

o      Honest government

o      Lobbying DC City Council for AG office to keep share of funds recovered from cases

Š       Currently one-third of the DC government agency lawyers report to agency directors, not the AG

Š       AG office continues to provide legal opinions for agencies, if requested

Š       DC Council created Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel

Contact information:  202-727-5173 or                                                                             Consumer Hotline 202-442-9828

ANC Chair Edwards expressed concerns regarding citizens voting for electing an Attorney General, and measures taking place by the DC City Council that remove power from the AG’s office, shifting authority to the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel

Presentation Jean Bethel of OPC and Robert Robinson discuss proposed Exelon-Pepco Merger

Š       Office of the People’s Counsel handle consumer complaints DC residents, community issues regarding utilities

Š       Exelon – headquartered in Chicago, looking to acquire Pepco holdings

Š       Public will have until May 29th to submit comments

Š       Office of People’s Counsel does not support the proposed merger – keeps DC locked into a rate recovery system

Š       OPC is in support of solar energy, renewable energy and sustainability

Motion by Commissioner Jordan to accept Resolution in Opposition to Exelon’s Proposed Acquisition of Pepco, seconded by Commissioner Lewis. Motion carries.

Treasurer’s Report

Š       Have not yet received allotments for quarter 2 or quarter 3 (currently in quarter 2)

Š       Temporary services scaled back to accommodate budget

Motion by Commissioner White to accept Treasurer’s report as submitted, seconded by Commissioner Lewis. Motion carries.

ANC Chair Edwards presented amended language to January 22, 2014 minutes to read “A presentation of the budget was presented and approved by the Commission.  The approve budget totaling $49,600 included $16,000 for purchasing of services for hiring temporary office help, as previously discussed at Executive Meeting.  Motion by Commissioner Lewis accept amended language, seconded by Commissioner Jordan. Motion passed

ANC 5A Legislation Chair, Commissioner Jordan presented Resolution in Opposition to Instant Runoff Voting Amendment Act of 2015. Motion by Commissioner Alston, seconded by Commissioner Lewis. Motion Carries

SMD Reports

5A03 – Commissioner Jordan asked the community to contact the Mayor’s Office, Councilmember Cheh’s Office and Councilmember McDuffie’s Office to urge them to make sure $250,000 for Puerto Rico Ave noise vibrations barrier remains secure.

5A08 – Commissioner Alston announced Earth Day at Fort Totten Park on Saturday, April 25th at 9 am for park preservation, cleaning and vegetation

Commissioner Alston has asked for input and recommendations for community benefits regarding PUD in SMD.  Alston has received 1 recommendation for “community clubhouse”

Councilmember Bonds and MPD 4th District Commander Manlapaz is having a meet and greet on Saturday, April 25th from 10-11:30 am at Roof Terrace of The Swift at Petworth Metro


Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM.
















ANC 5A Commissioners (2015-2016)

5A01 Frank Wilds                                                                                       5A02 Grace J. Lewis, Parliamentarian

5A03 Adrian T. Jordan                                                                              5A04 Vacant

5A05 Ronnie Edwards, Chairperson                                                      5A06 Jasmine White, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

 5A07 Sandi Washington, Treasurer                                                      5A08 Angel Alston, Vice Chairperson

*Catholic University *Ft. Totten * Lamond-Riggs * North Michigan Park *Park Place-Trinity Square *Pleasant Hills * Brookland